Tunnel Rock
Black Water Canyon
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Lowman's Lodge offers excellent archery hunting (no gun hunts) in the outstanding western North Dakota Badlands, a first class habitat for trophy mule deer, whitetail, and pronghorn bucks. Hunting starts at the doorstep of Lowman's Lodge and sprawls out over 4000 acres of totally private hunting, caressed by literally unlimited federal lands. Roughtail grouse and pheasant inhabit the meadows and draws, and some of the worlds largest elk, as well as wild turkeys, loiter in sight of Lowman's Lodge.

The single cabin is 20 x 32 and sleeps 6 in bunks, with room on a fold out fouton for 2 more people. There is a full bath and shower with towels and bedding supplied. All cooking utensils are also provided. Everything is here, all you need to provide is food and your personal items. The Lowman's are excellent hosts. An outstanding cook, JoAnn's evening meals can be reserved. Bill, a nationally acclaimed cowboy humorist, author and artist, can entertain you one-on-one, or in a group.

Lowman's Lodge hosts trail riding to small groups that furnish their own horses and feed to view the beautiful scenic Badlands, including giant petrified stumps, Black Water Canyon and Falls, Pinnacle Rock, plus the unique "Tunnel Rock."

Lowman's Wannagan Creek Lodge Price List
Archery Only
Mule Deer/Whitetail/Pronghorn - 5 day package
One Guest
$ 700.00
Two Guests
Three Guests (each)
$ 500.00
Grouse/Pheasant (per day, per person)
$ 150.00
In State Residence
Elk Hunt (five day package)
Turkey (per day, per person)
$ 150.00
Trail Rides (bring your own horses and feed)
Two Guests (per day, per person)
$ 60.00
Additional Guests (each)
$ 10.00
Horses (each, per day)
$ 5.00
Corrals and water tank provided by lodge - Bring your own feed
Guests (non hunting - non riding)
Two Guests (per day)
$ 60.00
Additional Guests (each, per day)
$ 10.00
Children ages 12 - 16 (each, per day)
$ 5.00
Children Under 12
Bill Lowman

"A Local Legacy"

Click "here" to lean more about Bill Lowman - Entertainer, Cowboy Humorist, Artist, Author and Poet
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For more information or to make reservations, call Bill or JoAnn Lowman - 701-872-4746

JoAnn and Bill Lowman
Pinnacle Rock